Choose discount hotels for a cheap stay in Barcelona.

Not all people come to Barcelona with their wallets stuffed with cash. A lot of tourists obtain rather short budget and still crave to get a nice place to stay and to live not too far from the main city activities. Many visitors are coming to the city for the first time, no wonder they do not want to miss anything of the sights and other inter-activities Barcelona can offer.

That is when discount hotels in Barcelona become a great option. There you can stay for a small amount of money yet get the basic services suitable for a nice overnight. Here are several nice examples of the hotels in Barcelona center for your consideration. Hip Karma Youth Hostel is rated 2 star only, yet is less than a kilometer from the city center. Barcelona Urbany hostel is also 2 star, yet the prices are even lower as it’s placed over 2 km from the heart of the city.

Cheap hotels in Barcelona are rather popular place for students and for budget tourists. Some of them are able to accommodate the families, or you can easily take your friends to occupy some of the triple rooms.